PoeArt is back in honor and memory of Cj Coleman.  Let’s make poetry and art, and share with our friends! 
1) Submit 3 to 5 original poems by December 1, 2018 to poeart2019@gmail.com. If you only have two poems to submit, still enter, please. Put this information in the subject line and on your electronic file submission: PoeArt2019Entry_LASTNAME
2) By February 4, 2019, the poet will be notified about the selected poem (no more than two) for the PoeArt showing and reading.
3) Poet/artist has until March 22, 2019 to create or have someone create a visual art piece that connects with the poem.  The art piece must be displayable alongside the poem for a month at Anchor & Anvil Coffee Bar, 7221 Church Avenue, Ben Avon, PA 15202.
4) On April 6, 2019, (Set Up Day), all participants must come to the coffee shop to hang or otherwise display the art and poem.  Organizers will be at venue until close.  Artists and poems must bring all necessary materials (nails, wire, hammer, tape, framed art, framed poem, etc.)
5) On April 11, 2019 (Event Day), the PoeArt reading will begin.  Participants will read their poetry. There will be light refreshments. The coffee shop may have food and drink available also. Bring your friends, family and colleagues–it will be a party!  A celebration of connection, words, art, friends, and Fellows.
6) The poetry/art show will run until May 12, 2019.  At that time, the poet/artist must remove all work. After May 12, remaining pieces may not be returned to poet/artist.

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