Chrysalis to Butterfly (#3 of 5) by SidPix                                               CC BY 2.0 License

Chrysalis Summer of 2022

What should the Western Pennsylvania Writing Project become in these times, for the sakes of educators and their young people? As our colleagues at Allied Media of Detroit asked, during a Chrysalis Year, “How do we want to grow? Is it more like an oak tree, like mushrooms, like moss?” What seems most fruitful, given current conditions?

It’s time for us to slow down, gather ourselves, and reflect: What should we become—as a community of learning, as a network of engaged educators, as believers in a vision of “Beloved Community”? Thus, we intend to form a Chrysalis team—a core group of WPWP teacher-consultants over the years—who will reflect and study our accomplishments, our context, conditions, and possibilities.

The Western Pennsylvania Writing Project will continue to offer a variety of events, workshops, gatherings, and youth programs during the Chrysalis Summer of 2022—some face-to-face, some online, some hybrid.  These will be open to interested folks from previous years and newcomers who would like to get connected with our network. We will pause our Invitational Summer Institute for Teachers for 2022, but plan to resume that program in 2023.

Very soon, we will post a Google site with links to a calendar of summer events.  If you are interested in being part of the Chrysalis team, please contact Laura Roop at